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Treasure X is back and this time it's Monstrous! Who will you discover with Treasure X Monster Gold? There are  all new Monsters and Ghoulish Treasure Hunters to find and collect! Take on the hunt if you dare.  With 8 creepy levels of adventure. Open your coffin and sift through the new Spider Web Compound to find different body parts of your Monster. Build your Monster and discover your Terror Treasure inside. Will you find a rare gold dipped Blingback Spider? There are 12 new Mini Monster Action Figures to hunt for and collect. Each toy Figure is 2.25" tall. Boys will love unboxing these collectible characters. Plus you can create your own unique Monsters by swapping their body parts! Mix and match and build a Monster Mash-up that's truly terrifying! There are so many creepy combos to create. 


Key Features:

  • Hunt for Monsters in the Spider Web Compound with Treasure X Monster Gold. 

  • Discover new Mini Monster 2.25” Figure​s and Terror Treasure inside!

  • Will you find the rare REAL Gold Dipped Golden Spider?​

  • 12 x Mini Monster characters to find and collect!
  • Mix and Match body parts to create new Monster Combo characters.​

  • 1 in 24 chance to find REAL Gold Dipped Treasure.​
Treasure X S7 Mini Monsters
$9.99 USD

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