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Meet Billo the Monkey, your lively companion from Squeakee Minis! Bursting with fun and entertainment, Billo is a delightful interactive toy that responds to your voice with a hilarious helium twist. Just like magic, your words are transformed into a comical high-pitched voice that is sure to bring laughter to everyone. The package includes 1 Squeakee Mini Billo, ensuring endless moments of amusement. Inside, you'll find an instruction booklet to help you get started on this exciting journey of playful chatter.

Powered by 3 LR44 batteries (included), Billo the Monkey is ready to play right out of the box. This engaging toy boasts a one-of-a-kind charm, with its animated reactions and helium-infused responses creating a truly unique interactive experience. Get ready to share countless giggles and unforgettable memories as you engage in hilarious conversations with the cheeky Squeakee Minis Billo the Monkey. Get your voice and your spirits lifted with this endearing companion!"
Squeakee Minis Billo the Monkey
$14.99 USD

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