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Meet your new loyal friend, 'My Little Live Pets Rollie, My Kissing Puppy.' This enchanting interactive toy brings the joy of a real puppy into your world. With an uncanny ability to mimic real-life actions, Rollie showers you with affectionate licks, capturing the essence of a genuine canine companion. Watch as its tail wags exuberantly to express happiness, creating a heartwarming connection that transcends the virtual realm. Boasting a repertoire of 25+ lifelike sounds and reactions, Rollie ensures every interaction is brimming with surprises and delights. Whether you're a child or simply young at heart, invite the magic of Rollie into your home and experience the cherished bond of a lifelong friend.


What's Inside:

  • 1 Puppy
  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 1 Adoption Certificate
Little Live Pets Rollie My Kissing Puppy | Interactive Plush Toy, Cute Puppy Sounds, Licks Like A Real Puppy. Ages 4+
$69.99 USD

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