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SOUR PATCH KIDS Space Kids are delicious dual flavoured lollies, covered in a sour then sweet blast!

What’s Sour then Sweet but always delicious? You already know: SOUR PATCH KIDS lollies!

Take your tastebuds on a sour then sweet outer space adventure with Sour Patch Kids SPACE KIDS. A delicious mix of dual-flavoured jellies & foams in space-themed shapes, paired for an out of this world taste sensation.

Disrupt the dull with our awesome candy flavour combinations including Strawberry & Blackcurrant, Watermelon & Lime, Pineapple & Orange and Peach & Cream.

Delicious dual flavoured lollies in fun, space-themed shapes, covered in a sour then sweet blast!

No artificial colours or flavours

Perfect for sharing a little sweet mischief, at candy-crucial gatherings, for Halloween and special occasions.

Disrupt the dull, when you bring all your favourite KIDS to the party!

Aussie Made
BB 1/24 | Sour Patch Kids Space Kids 190g
$3.99 USD $6.99 USD

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